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        Are you feeling frustrated after trying every diet out there? Learn how to make simple changes to your lifestyle so your metabolism works with you, not against you. 

5 Ingredient Recipe Guide

FREE 5-Ingredient Healthy Recipe Guide

Get a booklet of my favorite healthy recipes that are so easy to make, incredibly delicious, and only have five ingredients in each!

I created this recipe book to help my clients create healthy and delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

It includes recipes for almost everyone (even picky eaters). PLUS: you’ll notice there are also family- and meal prep-friendly options inside.

I want to help make cooking healthy meals fun and easy while helping you reach your goals faster.


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Lose weight while eating your favorite foods and without hours of cardio.

Ditch the Dieting

And transform your metabolism mindset and meals for good.

My mission is simple: to provide you with the tools, resources, and support needed to unlock your full potential and create lasting change.  

Here’s what you can expect from my all-in-one online coaching platform:

Expert-Led Fitness Courses

Our diverse range of fitness courses caters to all levels, ensuring you find the perfect workout routine to suit your individual needs. You'll never run out of exciting workouts, from strength training to HIIT, yoga, and more ways to stay in shape.

Comprehensive Nutrition Programs

Discover the power of proper nutrition with our in-depth courses designed to guide you toward a healthier, happier life. Learn the fundamentals of meal planning, explore delicious recipes, and uncover the secrets of mindful eating for long-term success.

Mental Mindset Mastery

Unlock the power of your mind with our transformative mindset courses. Develop the resilience, motivation, and self-awareness needed to overcome obstacles and create lasting, positive change in your life.

Engaging Mini-Courses and Challenges

Keep things fresh and exciting with our ever-growing library of mini-courses and challenge programs, designed to help you stay motivated, progress, and have fun on your journey to holistic wellness.

Supportive Online Community

Connect with like-minded individuals and receive guidance from our team of professional coaches, ensuring you're never alone on your path to personal growth.

Convenient, Accessible Learning

With our user-friendly platform, you can access our extensive range of courses and resources anytime, anywhere - making it easy to prioritize your wellbeing, no matter how busy life gets.


It's time to invest in yourself and create the life you've always dreamed of—no More yo-yo dieting. Lose weight for the last time.



Join us at Ditch The Dieting and embark on a transformative journey to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. 

Ditch the Dieting

My name is Kathy DePalo-Mooney, and I’m a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Women’s Fitness Expert, And Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  I am also an IIN-certified Gut Health & Hormone Specialist.

At Ditch The Dieting, I help women 40+  lose weight without eliminating carbs and spending hours a day at the gym by teaching them how to have their metabolism work for them, not against them.

Client Reviews

Working with Kathy, I was able to change my body's metabolism and change my life. I lost 22 pounds just by adding strength training to my routine. I am so fortunate I found her!
Kat K.
Kathy is a fantastic trainer. I was able to lose 100 pounds in 11 months working with her. I have kept the weight off for three years. I went from a size 16 to a size 6!
Erin F.
My fiance surprised me with a destination wedding. I only had six weeks to fit into my dream dress. Working with Kathy made it possible and she made it fun!
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This free, no-obligation consultation is designed to start you on the right weight loss journey and helps determine which of my programs will best support your success.

Get a copy of my free fitness cheat sheet!

Do This Not That Fitness Cheatsheet

What if I told you there are ten easy “cheat codes” that can help you overcome the hardest parts of working out?

And, even better…

What if I told you that nearly half of those “cheat codes” are actually just a few simple mindset shifts?

If you’re showing up, doing the work, and still feeling like you’re way behind on your goals, my NEW “Do This, Not That” Fitness Results Cheat Sheet can help speed things up.

Inside, you’ll find ten basic swaps that seriously streamline your efforts…

Swaps like:

👉 Taking rest and “easy” days instead of “going hard” 24/7

👉 eating high-performance fuel instead of focusing purely on calories…

👉 Or having a well-rounded routine instead of gluing yourself to the treadmill.

Want to see the rest and why they work?

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